Course Description

Note: It shall be the policy of this school that all students provide appropriate photo identification upon enrollment.

This course will satisfy the training requirements of 46 CFR 11.305(a)(2) and 11.307(a)(2) for STCW endorsements as Chief Mate or Master on vessels of 3,000 GT or more. The following practical assessments performed during this course have been determined to be equivalent of National Assessment Guidelines TASKs, as documented in NVIC 10-14 tasks For Master or Chief Mate on Vessels of 3,000 GT or More (Management Level): 11.1.A 15.1.A 15.1.B 15.1.C 15.2.A 15.3.A 15.4.A 15.4.B 15.4.C 15.4.D 15.4.E 15.4.F 15.4.G 15.5.A 15.6.A 15.6.B 15.7.A 15.8.A 18.1.B 18.1.C 19.1.A 19.2.A, and 19.3.A.

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