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USCG & STCW approved, this course covers the most common forms of position fixing by celestial bodies. Subjects include the study of celestial bodies; their locations and apparent motion relative to an observer on Earth; their ephemera elements of the celestial sphere; concepts and use of time, including predictions of celestial phenomena, nautical astronomy, sextant and altitude correction, sight reduction, and lines of position; meridian transits; time of sunrise, sunset, and noon; star identification and selection; sailings; and ocean route planning. The course will encompass celestial theory derived from qualitative and quantitative analysis of the combined coordinate systems for reductions of celestial observations to lines of position. Celestial observations will be used to determine compass error. Studies will also involve practical application through the use of the sextant, azimuth ring, alidade, and other standard shipboard equipment and publications. Course is designed to enable the applicant to calculate and plot celestial observations to determine the vessels position, determine gyro and compass error by celestial observations, and determine the vessels position using terrestrial navigation practices. The objective of the course is to provide students with the detailed knowledge to support the training outcomes related to celestial navigation at the operational level and, in doing so, satisfy company, national and international.

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Celestial Navigation (OP)
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Feb 14, 2022 to Mar 04, 2022
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