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Any applicant who successfully completed your Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch Motor Assessments Only (SANJCC-746) course, including specific practical assessments from the Guidelines for Qualification for STCW Endorsements as Rating Forming Part of an Engineering Watch, NVIC 07-14 will satisfy the assessment requirement of 46 CFR 12.609(a)(3) and Table A-III/4 of the Seafarers' Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) Code, as amended, 2010, Specification of Minimum Standard of Competence for Ratings Forming Part of an Engineering Watch. Applicants using this approval to apply for endorsement as RFPEW-Motor Only must document at least 60 days of seagoing service that involves experience associated with engine room functions and involves the performance of duties carried out under the direct supervision of an engineer officer or a qualified STCW rating. Those specific TASKs performed in the course are considered equivalent to those of NVIC 07-14, and are: 1.1.A; 1.1.B(M); 1.1.C; 1.1.D; 1.1.E; 1.1.F; 1.1.G; 1.1.H(M); 1.1.H(M/G); 1.1I(M); 1.1J; 1.1. K1.2.A; 1.2.B; 1.2.C; 1.2.D; 1.2.E; 1.2.F; 1.3.A; 1.3.B; 1.3.C; 2.1.A; 2.1.B; 2.1.C; 2.2.A; 2.2.B; 2.3.A; 3.1.B; 4.1.A; 4.2.A; 4.2.B. Applicants who have successfully completed your course need not present completed "Control Sheets" for these assessments in application for STCW certification. Removal of the Motor Only limitation shall be satisfied by submission of the following completed TASKs from NVIC 07-14 : 1.1.B(S); 1.1.B(G); 1.1.H(S); 1.1.I(S); 1.1.I(G); 3.1.A; 3.1.C; 3.1.E; 3.1.F; 3.1.G; 3.1.H; And 3.1.I

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